I am not a groomer and do not offer elective/styled grooming. Baths are not included. The services below are offered as a medical need for your pet.

Placing Cat in Carrier Assistance

Some cats do not get necessary medical care because they are difficult to catch and put into a carrier. We can assist you by helping you get your cat in the carrier.


Medication Or Supplies Delivery

Are you unable to pick up the medications or supplies you need for your pets? We can pick them up and deliver them to you. Products must already be paid for through your veterinary clinic. 


Price varies depending on round trip mileage. Can be set up as recurring service.

Mat Removal

The dematting process involves taking small sections of hair at a time and working to release the mats utilizing dematting tools and products and then brushing. If the matting on your dog is severe, the safest and most humane way to remove the mats would be to clip his hair short. Pricing listed under medical shave for this service.


Medical Shave

A common reason many pets get taken to the groomer is for matting. Sometimes pets mat because they are older, overweight, arthritic, and just can’t get to certain areas on their body and groom as well. If owners don’t regularly brush their pets, they can get so matted that it’s painful for them and no longer possible to humanely brush or comb them out.

At this point, the medical shave would be recommended.