I am not a groomer and do not offer elective/styled grooming. Baths are not included. The services below are offered as a medical need for your pet.

Teach Me How To Trim My Pet's Nails

One on one training to teach you how to trim your pet's nails at home. 


Teach Me How To Clean My Pet's Ears

One on one training to teach you how to clean your pet's ears at home.


Toothbrushing With Demo

Research in veterinary medicine has shown that periodontal disease can spread to the heart, kidney and liver and create significant problems. You can play an active role in disease prevention by brushing your pets' teeth.

Teeth brushing for pets can be fun, it can help prevent and control painful periodontal disease, it reduces bad breath problems, and helps avoid other health risks.


**Owner is required to provide toothbrush and pet approved toothpaste prior to demonstration.